Using fonts on signs in ActiveWorlds

====== On your server ======

Copy this PHP script to any folder on your server, I used "" (ViewView)
Copy the character set "symbol.ttf" from your \windows\font folder to the same folder on the server.

Some PHP installations (XITAMI?) seem to issue warnings about missing variables if the command line argument isn't present, in this case add the following line to your script, somewhere near the header() function :
error_reporting (21);

Off course any other TTF file can be used, it is referenced only in one line of the script and can easily be changed. I found a good source for special fonts there :

(the Yamada font archive is currently unreachable, even though still linked on their site)

You'll find another one on (thanks to Ella for the link).

====== in AW ======

Create a zpict2.rwx with :
 create picture|WORLD||and^some|more^text

The script takes 4 arguments :
- the font size in pixels s=50
- the background color in hex bc=d06060
- OR an image name img=avface2bl
- the text color tc=0020ff
- the text to be written t=HELLO|WORLD||and^some|more^text

The text uses dashes ^ instead of space characters and pipes | instead of newline characters.
The default for the colors is black and white, default size is 10 pixels.
Here is a list of font scripts that I uploaded so you can experiment a little. Not all support the new image option.
sample1 sample2
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